Monday, March 2, 2009

Doula Digest - Bradley Class Reunion

In February the Bradley class I had taken with Michelle Mueller got together for a reunion. It was amazing to see all the new little babies. We had spent about 14 weeks together and really got to know each other well. Having thought of each couple as parents to be for the last three months of 2008 it was wonderful to see how they bloomed into parents in 2009! I of course had to hold every baby, especially my doula clients' little ones. Ohhh they were just too cute! Each couple went around and told their birth story. Each so unique and amazing experiences. One couple had a successful Natural VBAC, one a successful homebirth and of course you may have already read about Gina and Steve's and Elaine and Greg's births here on the blog. It was so fun to hear the story and learn about their experiences. Every story started the same, Mom would start telling the story in a general outline, but Dad would have to fill in the details because Mom couldn't remember exactly how it happened or was completely unaware of how time passed. This little reunion only fueled my fire to be a doula and I can't wait to be hired by more couples! What a phenomenal time to be with a new family!!

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