Friday, March 6, 2009

Reviews - Grab Bag Reviews

Posted by Kim:

Reviewed by Heather at Grab Bag Reviews
Constructive Chaos

Another great review! Thanks Heather. Visit the Grab Bag Reviews blog, leave a comment about your favorite BINSI outfit and be entered to win a free skirt and top!

"When my water broke with my youngest, we were living about an hour away from the hospital. We grabbed our bags, dropped the oldest off at my mother-in-laws, and headed on our way. Of course, the first thing they had me do once I was checked in was disrobe and put on the hospital gown. YUCK! My labor never did start on it's own, and so, for 24 hours, I walked the halls of the labor and delivery ward, took the elevator up to the nursery for more walking, and then walked some more in my room. The whole time I was in that ghastly, ugly, completely uncomfortable hospital gown. If only I had known about Binsi birthing wear at the time!"

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