Monday, March 23, 2009

Product Review - Best Multifunction Bag

Posted by Carri:

I am always trying to find a bag that is comfortable, cute, multifunctional and affordable. I have found this amazing bag from a very crafty mom on Etsy! This adorable bag is not only cute and stylish - it is near perfect for me and my family. I have one I use as a purse (because my purse really doubles as a suitcase with all of my kids), and then I have another one that I use for a diaper bag - that my husband will use too. I was at book club the other night and saw one of the husbands come in, and he too had one of these bags over his shoulder with two kids in tow. As a stay at home mother with a business, I am always looking for other businesses like my own to support. I would much rather support a local stay at home mom than some overseas manufacturing company. She not only has these great bags, but she also has kids aprons, onsies, and grocery bags. Check out her site on Etsy And if you've never been to - you are missing out! It is a great site filled with amazingly crafty one of a kind items.

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