Friday, March 27, 2009

Partnership - Sprout Natural Parenting

One of the first brick and mortar stores to carry our Birth Skirts and Birth Tops was Sprout Natural Parenting located in Brattleboro and Burlington, VT. Sprout was designed based upon the visions and beliefs of its owners, Laura and Bryan Louisell. They offer a full line of natural parenting products, services, and free workshops covering areas ranging from breastfeeding, cloth diapering and baby wearing.

In addition to the variety of workshops offered, both Sprout locations offer a nursing glider, changing table, and child size toilet. Hand felted wool trees and toy cubbies for children to play are just two of the unique features that you'll enjoy in each store. The fluid feminine design inspired by the womb and the creation of life form nurturing interior spaces.

Their involvement with the community has developed into both personal and professional relationships. Each storefront carries both locally and regionally produced gifts!

Laura Louisell is also the Director of Global Cildren, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the welfare of children working with orphaned children in Cambodia and she and her husband own Khmer Handmade Goods, importers of Cambodian handmade silks. They live in Brattleboro with their two children, ages five and two. Custom builder Bill Tancredi of Old City Construction recently relocated from Philadelphia and has found his inspiration right here in Vermont.

Store Menu

* Art
* Bedding and Blankets
* Books, Music and Resources
* Breastfeeding
* Children's Clothing
* Diapers
* Diaper Accessories
* Feeding
* Furniture
* Gear
* Gift Cards & Wrapping
* Gift Certificates
* Natural Health
* Potty and Bath
* Safety
* Slings and Carriers
* Toys
* Women's Clothing

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  1. Unfortunately, the Burlington Sprout location closed unexpectedly in 2008. Their online store is still up & running (although under construction), and the Brattleboro location is still open. It's a great company to support - and the place that I encountered Binsi, without knowing you were run by a former classmate.