Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Posted by Tink, friend of BINSI

Did I tell you the name of the baby since we wouldn't find out the gender until it is born?
DJ Baby Z. Isn't that FUN? Thought of that myself since some girls at the gym I teach at have nicknamed me something similar.

Wishin' and hopin'...that's about it these days. Still trying to relax. I'm an information hog which is my problem. (Didn't you already figure that out?) I've already begun to shop (well, window shop) for stuff I would want/need. It sure is fun looking around!

Sure is funny how as soon as you become interested in something you realize it is all around you. And it's probably already been all around you. Like never did I notice before how many pregnant women are out there right now! Also, you realize how many people have not-so-happy pregnancy stories. My cousin and her husband were unsuccessful for a long time then did In-vitro. 2 eggs implanted. Twin girls 9 months later. Happy ending!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Birth Story - Carri & Her Daughter's Birth

After a very long pregnancy (I think all pregnancies feel long, but number 4 felt extremely long!), my labor finally started. My water broke at 4 a.m. and regular contractions every 3-4 minutes apart started around 4:30. This labor was a bit more intense both because my water was broken and there was no cushion between the baby's head and my cervix, and because it was very fast. There is a lot a woman's body has to go through to have a baby - and to do so in less than three hours is intense! I think that I prefer fast over long! She was born at 6:55 a.m. at our home, in our bed and it could not have been more wonderful. The boys slept through all of it and came in right after she was born. I had planned on them being there, but I thought my moaning sounded like growling, and I was biting into my husband's shoulder, so I felt that letting them sleep would be better for everyone. The best things about home birth are that there is no rushing to get anywhere, everyone and everything was calm, no one asked me a million questions about my health, and the baby is examined and cared for with only peace and calm. I am so thankful that I chose to have this birth at home and was able to experience such a peaceful and beautiful birth.

And was it a boy or a girl you ask? We waited (and waited and waited!) and were SHOCKED to find that after 3 boys we had a GIRL! What a wonderful surprise and end to a perfect birth! I am overjoyed to have a daughter that I will be able to share my love of birth and the beauty of motherhood with.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Doulas can make a world of difference

As written for the Royal Gazette by Fiona Dill

"I can't believe I did it!", were the first words exclaimed by the mother who had just birthed her baby vaginally having had a C-section two years earlier.

I was privileged to be present at that birth, as a doula. The concept of having an experienced woman at the side of another woman in labour is as old as childbirth itself and spans many cultures. But it is the unfamiliar name (doula) and the emergence of the trained, paid doula that is relatively new, particularly here in Bermuda.

In November 2008, Bermuda had its first Doula Training event, hosted by Sophia Cannonier (herself an experienced doula) who was instrumental in bringing down a DONA (Doulas of North America) trainer for a weekend course. Fifteen women attended the course and as a result, we are privileged to have many new doulas on the island.

Doulas are trained to provide a pregnant woman and her partner with continuous one-to-one support during childbirth. Their remit is non-medical, physical and emotional care that complements the clinical services provided by the hospital staff and obstetrician and the intimate, but usually inexperienced, care offered by the partner. The doula does not displace the partner but supports him also and often relieves much of his own anxiety.

"There was also a far greater level of peace throughout because my husband had the support and advice he needed at a time that can often leave men or birth partners feeling quite helpless. We cannot say enough about the level of support that we received before, during and after the birth of our daughter."

The advantage of the doula's position is that because she has no medical or decision-making responsibility, has no other patients, and does not work on a shift, she can devote herself fully to the needs of the couple. Usually she will have met with the couple a few times before the birth so she has had the opportunity to ask about fears and individual preferences. Thus she is able to focus on the emotional needs of the woman, not medical issues and is able to remain calm and objective. Generally, the doula stays continuously with the woman until her baby is born, regardless of how long that may take.

"Having someone knowledgeable and gentle to support us. It helped me stay calm and focused, as I knew that I could depend on you throughout the labour."

It is often assumed that it is only couples that are planning to have a natural childbirth who can benefit from hiring a doula, but this is not the case.

As doulas, we are there to assist our clients to have the best possible birth experience, as they define it. We are there to help the couple identify their options by encouraging communication with their caregivers, not to tell them which options to choose. And then ultimately to give our unconditional support no matter how the birth progresses.

"Having a doula gave us the encouragement we needed to birth as naturally as we could, and helped support us through the most important day of our lives so far! We couldn't have done it without her! Everything she did was designed for us!

She helped us try different things during labour to try to progress things and to help alleviate the pain (or at least the focus on the pain) of the contractions. She made us feel comfortable about the process in the hospital and it reassured us!"

Increasingly, couples are aware of the improved clinical outcomes for both mother and baby associated with doula care during pregnancy, labour and birth.


■ Fewer requests for epidurals and narcotic pain relievers

■ Reduced use of pitocin

■ Reduced duration of labor

■ Fewer forceps deliveries and vacuum extractions

■ Reduced cesarean section rates

■ Neonate hospitalisation and rate of complications reduced

■ Reduced chances of maternal fever and infection

■ Reduced maternal bleeding following birth

■ Increased chance of spontaneous vaginal birth


■ Mothers report more positive reviews of their birth experience

■ Reduced levels of anxiety

■ Mothers have higher regard and increased sensitivity towards babies

■ Mothers feel more secure and have more confidence

■ Reduced incidence of post-partum depression

There is no doubt that as doulas we do make a difference. The statistics and the testimonials above speak for themselves. If you are interested in knowing more about having a doula at your birth, please visit www.healthcoop.bm or www.greatbeginnings.bm or www.bermudadoula.com for more information and contact details.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Blissful Family, Natural Toys & Gifts - Store Closing

Posted by Kim:

I know this only applies to our friends that follow our blog in the Northern Colorado area, but I had to post it because this store is an adorable store with fantastic toys. Our previous house was right down the street and I would often walk in browse around and be amazed by the gorgeous toys. I would try to purchase birthday gifts there whenever possible. Unfortunately after moving across town I seemed to rarely ever be in that plaza and I haven't been in the store for a long time, but I am sure that it is still wonderful and now everything is on sale. I am only sad to hear that it is going out of business.

Blissful Family, Natural Toys & Gifts
600 S. Airport Rd (SE Corner of Nelson and Airport) , Longmont, CO. 80503

You are invited!


We want you to be the first to know we have decided to liquidate and close the store. We will start a STORE CLOSING SALE at once to sell out our entire inventory of Natural wooden toys, Waldorf toys, Play silks and dress-ups, Children's furniture, Arts and Crafts, Books for children and adults, Dolls and puppets, Haba toys and games, Music, Healing gemstones, and much, much more... Every price will be cut for this gigantic storewide event - Even the store fixtures and equipment are for sale.

This will be the largest sale in the history of the store.... and the last!

This is your invitation to come to our special STORE CLOSING SALE Thursday, June 18, through Wednesday, June 24, one week prior to our advertising to the general public. Store Hours are Monday through Saturday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Closed on Sunday. There will be contests, prizes and low, low liquidation prices.

Only those who receive this letter will have advance notice of the sale.
Feel free to invite your friends and family to come with you. Everyone is welcome. Don't delay - You'll have first pick of all our merchandise, store fixtures and equipment. Everything must be sold and the doors closed forever in a few short weeks.

We look forward to seeing you,
Young Sook Kim.

PS. More than $2,000.00 in prizes will be awarded at the end of the sale. Don't forget to sign up. No purchase necessary. There will be Fun & Games and Prizes Too! Just fill out the coupon and bring it to the store to receive 10,000 free points.

Name ____________ ___ Phone ______­_____
Address_____ _________ Email_______ _____
City________ ___State ________ Zip ___________Blissful Family, Natural Toys & Gifts
600 S. Airport Rd (SE Corner of Nelson and Airport) , Longmont, CO. 80503

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Breastfeeding Promotion Act

Posted by Kim:

United States Breastfeeding Committee

On June 11, 2009, Representative Carolyn B. Maloney (NY) and Senator Jeff Merkley (OR) introduced the Breastfeeding Promotion Act in both houses of Congress, to provide a unified national policy to keep mothers, their children, and their communities healthy. This is the first time the bill has been introduced in the Senate.

The Breastfeeding Promotion Act (H.R. 2819, S. 1244) includes five provisions:

1. Amends the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to protect breastfeeding women from being fired or discriminated against in the workplace.

2. Provides tax incentives for businesses that establish private lactation areas in the workplace, or provide breastfeeding equipment or consultation services to their employees.

3. Provides for a performance standard to ensure breast pumps are safe and effective.

4. Allows breastfeeding equipment and consultation services to be tax deductible for families (amends Internal Revenue Code definition of "medical care").

5. Protects the privacy of breastfeeding mothers by ensuring they have break time and a private place to pump (applies to employers with 50 or more employees, see text of legislation for details).

To read the full text of this bill please click here


The information about the following proposal came to me from Heather Maurer, administrator of the Facebook group Natural Childbirth and Breastfeeding Advocates. This group is a group of women (& it could include men) who believe in the power of our bodies, the ability to give birth naturally with out medication, in the location of our choice, with a qualified birth attendant of our choice, the spiritual connection to our children and the truth that we our empowered by the birth process. We believe in the benefits on all levels of breastfeeding for mother and child. We encourage all women to get in touch with their true selves and believe in themselves, and trust the birth process. To learn more please visit their fan page: Natural Childbirth and Breastfeeding Advocates or their Discussion Boards.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Broken Record

Posted by Tink, friend of BINSI

One good thing about being the younger sister is you get hand-me-downs from your older sister. On this occasion, I traveled, driving 1300 each way, across the country to pick up loads, I mean loads, of baby gear. A high chair, a changing table, four 33-gallon trash bags full of clothes, a baby swing, hospital-grade breast pump, diapers, pregnancy and birthing books, little baby socks, little baby shoes, little baby hats, a Boppy, among some other things. As J said after we finished unloading the car, "All we need now is a baby." Well said, Honey.

My sister, E, was in the car with me as we drove from Denver, Colorado to Dublin, Ohio. She said something that settled some anxiety for me. I shouldn't even count the first 3 months of TTC therefore it's only been 2 cycles so far. Whether doctors still think that or not, (E's doc does) it was something I needed to hear. Irregular cycles help confirm as well. I know I shouldn't stress over the amount of time since I've been off birth control as I had been secretly hoping I'd be one of those women that getting preggo would happen the month after but it has been hard to not think about it. Yet after spending a week in Ohio visiting family, I was able to mentally remove myself from the broken record mindframe in which I had seemed to be stuck about this baby-making drama. Physically not being there was the ticket. Literally breaking my routine helped immensely. I stopped charting my basal body temperature. Did that for a month. Ovulation predictor kits are the new fad in my house now.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Operation Special Delivery

Posted by Kim:

Over the last year BINSI has had the honor to work closely with and financially support a fabulous non-profit group called Operation Special Delivery. This group provides trained volunteer doulas for pregnant women whose husbands or partners have been severely injured or who have lost their lives due to the current war on terror, or who will be deployed at the time that they are due to give birth. What an amazing gift!

On June 1st this wonderful group was featured on the Today Show, a recognition overdue for this wonderful group. Above and beyond the work of Operation Special Delivery, the coordinator of this group is an amazing doula, woman and mother. MaryBeth Nance is an inspiration to all and has truly had an immeasurable impact on one of the most important days in a family's life. What a blessing!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Remember the Daddies too!

Posted by Kim

So Father's Day is in ONE WEEK! Can you believe it? Have you thought about what you are going to buy your BabyDaddy for Father's Day? Well forgive me for using the BINSI blog for a shameless plug, but why not right?

My husband and I started the FamilyFanClub with one simple t-shirt: Swim Daddy Swim, Bike Daddy Bike, Run Daddy Run. As a way for my sons and me to "Wear Our Support" when we were cheering Dad on during his triathlons. Our business has blossomed from there and now we can even do personalization!! Plus I really appreciate it when my husband wears his Run Kim Run t-shirt to all of my running events, it really does make me proud of what I just accomplished!

Check out the FamilyFanClub.net for great gift ideas for Dads, Grandpas, Sons, Brothers, Uncles (you get the picture). Everything from stickers to mouse pads, we have a fun design for you. And if you place your order by June 15th, you will receive automatic FREE shipping upgrade (2-day service). Thanks for your order!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Review - Baby Center

Hospital gowns: Fashion 101

As Posted by lindsay.weiss in Fashion & beauty, Labor & Delivery | December 5th, 2007 | Trackback

BabyCenter MOMformation

Just a few short months ago I had a beautiful baby boy. Now that I’m finally coming up for air, I decided to organize some pictures–starting chronologically with his birth. Herein lies the problem…there are no pictures of my hospital stay where I don’t look like a pale, washed-up bedsheet from 1975. Seriously, why doesn’t someone make a hospital gown in a flattering style and color? How about a few sparkles? Maybe a little satin or chenille accent? Something fun and feminine! I would pay a pretty penny to have some of these pics redone looking presentable.

Google to the rescue.

While these aren’t exactly what I was envisioning, they are much, much better than my wartorn bedsheet. DearJohnnies come in fun colors (think polka dots and stripes) and have matching bathrobes. Binsi scraps the gown altogether and goes for a comfy skirt and bra/tank combo that looks like real clothes. And RaspberryBee has a great line of Lilly Pullitzer gowns that incorporate Lilly’s signature pink and green colors.

Consider this my public service to the preggo-mama readers out there…ask someone to get you a cute gown (or whatever) for your birth. We buy dresses for all the other important days in our lives…proms, weddings, you name it–so why not get something you will look good in as you push that basketball out. (Sorry, can you tell it’s still a little fresh?)

Meanwhile, I’ll be here at my computer…Photoshop-ing my gown out of the 500 pictures we took that day.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pregnancy - The Waiting Game

This post was written by Carri on Tuesday, one day before the birth of Carri's first baby girl (with three older brothers)! We were so excited to add sweet baby Emery Grace to our family! Congratulations to Carri and Brent and their three wonderful boys!!!

Posted by Carri

This is a very common game almost all women play at the end of their pregnancies. This is a first for me. All three of my previous children were born exactly 11 days early (without being induced). I would plan on it and rejoice when it happened. However, this baby continues to insist that everything is different - including when he/she will arrive. So I am about a week past my 11 days early "exit date", and getting more frustrated, irritated and uncomfortable by the minute. I just got even more irritated when I saw that the pregnant man has even given birth before me - ugh! My children are also becoming impatient. My oldest has chided me several times saying that I told him the baby was going to come last week - sorry! I have so much more sympathy for all of those women that go 2 weeks past their due date! I really hope I do not! I am 3 cm and 80% effaced and the baby is at 0 station, so I hope that means that it will go quickly again. I will not hold my breath about this, because again this baby likes everything to be different! I have already tried all my "tricks" for bringing on labor, but have had no success.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Review - Thrifty Minnesota Mama

Posted by Kim:

As written by Sarah on the Thrifty Minnesota Mama blog

As a Registered Nurse formerly working in labor and delivery I know the traditional hospital gown isn't exactly conducive to comfort and style. Enter the Binsi Labor and Birth apparel. Binsi has set out to create hospital equipment friendly apparel that you can wear during your labor and delivery. It is also stylish and comfortable allowing you to wear it as maternity wear before your delivery as well.

They offer a variety of materials from dressy to sporty. I tried the PrimaMama Sport skirt and found it to be very comfortable material that you could where anywhere.

The hospital gown can tend to make people feel more like they are ill and less like they are there to bring life into the world. The Binsi apparel is meant to make you feel beautiful and comfortable during your birth experience. No more bare buns to cover while you walk the halls in labor. Binsi also accomodates all labor positions. From a labor nurse's point of view it is also very medical staff friendly, with snaps on the sides of both the skirt and top making them completely accessible to medical equipment. You can even wear them if you get an epidural!

I also like that you can wear them throughout your pregnancy as well as during your labor and birth. They are also ideal to wear to prenatal appointments.

The Thankini also offers easy access for nursing your baby following delivery. So not only can you nurse immediately and easily, you can also wear it post-baby for easy access nursing.

From the website:

BINSI® Labor and Birth Apparel is a practical,and functional way to enhance your birthing experience.
-Look and feel more like yourself.
-Ideal for both home and hospital births.
-Accommodates all labor positions and medical equipment.
-Midwife, doctor, nurse and doula approved and recommended.
-Personalize your skirt with blessing beads to encourage you and your baby during labor
-Given as gifts by those in the know.

Win your choice of a Binsi skirt or top!

Here is how to enter to win:

* Visit Binsi and leave a comment telling me your favorite item that you would pick if you won. Remember to include your email address.

After you have completed your first entry you are eligible for additional entries. If you are unfamiliar with how to do this please see my post here. Remember to leave a separate comment for each additional entry and include your email address in at least one entry.

* Subscribe to my blog-remember to activate your subscription! Current subscribers count too.

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That's at least 9 ways to win plus you can get a daily entry by Tweeting and numerous extra entries by entering my other giveaways. Giveaway ends June 16th at 11:59pm. Winner will be drawn by random.org and announced on this post as well as emailed. Open to US only. Winner will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be drawn. Good Luck!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Pregnancy - Eat Your Placenta?

Posted by Carri:

Here is something the general public does not talk about! Yes, eating your placenta. There are many to consume a placenta from blending it in a smoothie right after the birth to consume it immediately, to consuming it dried capsule form. I did not know about this for my first two births, and wanted to plant the 3rd placenta under a new tree. However, this pregnancy has been much harder on my body and I know I am going to need all the help I can get postpartum with baby number 4. There are many many articles about why this is a good practice (and I'm certain just as many stating the opposite), but I know that wild carnivores instinctively eat their placentas after birth, and I truly believe that our bodies do need extra help in getting back to speed. Here are some of the benefits I found from the site Placenta Benefits. This site has TONS of information. If you live in the front range area of Colorado, please contact Abby Hock to have your placenta encapsulated at abby.hock@gmail.com

Your baby's placenta, contained in capsule form, is believed to:
  • contain your own natural hormones
  • be perfectly made for you
  • balance your system
  • replenish depleted iron
  • give you more energy
  • lessen bleeding postnatally
  • been shown to increase milk production
  • help you have a happier postpartum period
  • hasten return of uterus to pre-pregnancy state
  • be helpful during menopause

Friday, June 5, 2009

Review - Peanut's Page

Posted by Kim:

As written by Christina on Peanut's Page Blog... Thanks Christina!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

BINSI: Review & Giveaway!

Have you ever considered the possibility of wearing something other than a hospital gown as you deliver your precious little baby? Have you ever considered delivering a precious little baby? Maybe not, but stick with me. Because this is cool.

Carri and Kimberly, creators of BINSI Labor & Birth Apparel, were tired of those boring, uncomfortable hospital gowns. So instead of complaining about it, they took matters into their own hands and came with up something new!

BINSI skirts are designed to be worn during labor and delivery, and yes, they're hospital-approved. Each skirt is designed with snaps or Velcro to allow for easy, ehem, access, and with side slits to provide freedom of movement for various birth positions. or just for a little wiggle room... or waddle room, if you're nine months pregnant.

I'm sure I don't only speak for myself when I say hospital gowns aren't comfortable, and I don't even want to consider the number of people I may have flashed because of that obnoxious, wide open back.

Hospital gowns aside, these skirts are great! They're not just for labor and delivery, either. With an adjustable, draw-string waist and under-belly fit, they can be worn throughout pregnancy and then again as you return to your pre-pregnancy size. I'm months, if not years, away from my next labor and delivery, and I've got a BINSI! (It's super-comfy, too!)

Other perks include soft, cool cotton fabrics, a wide range of colors and styles to choose from, and an organic bamboo/cotton option.

Don't want a skirt?? Check out the other BINSI products, like the thankini, which would also be great for a nursing mommy or the Mama Ahh! chenille robe.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pregnancy - Products

Posted by Carri:

Belly Bandit - I got down to my pre-pregnancy weight after all of my children. I actually FINALLY got down to this weight this last time for the wedding we went to in Chicago, only to get pregnant on that trip! So after four kids I wonder how will my belly ever get back it's shape? I talked with my midwife and did some research on the internet, and I am now really hoping that the Belly Bandit will be the answer! You wrap it around your belly starting the day after you deliver, and do so for about six weeks. I have good plans of exercise and nutritious eating to assist in the process, but if this Belly Bandit can make it even a little bit easier - I'm in! I'll let you know how it goes.


feme Pads by Smart Choices - Since I am having a home birth and do not have an ice maker, I think these are great! They are ice packs specifically for your pelvic floor. They are made so that they never get too cold, and are quick and easy to clean and reuse. I know my bottom will be thankful!


Mama Bottom Balm by Earth Mama Angel Baby - this stuff is great! It is natural and cooling and is SO much better than Tucks pads or the chemical filled stuff they give you at the hospital. I had a 4th degree tear after my first child, and I can tell you that this stuff really is the best.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pregnancy - How to Get the Doula Out of the Birthing Mom

Posted by Carri:

So I am due any day now, but I am still working on changing my mindset from doula (one who helps other women give birth) to the woman who is giving birth and needs to be supported. I have no answers to this dilemma at the moment. This is my current "homework" I was assigned by my midwife today. We talked today about how I am having a hard time visualizing the birth and my need to be emotionally be prepared, not just physically. In past births I didn't do any births while pregnant, so I didn't seem to have any problems with emotionally preparing myself. This pregnancy I did a lot of births, and while I loved doing all of these births, I think it is going to take some time and focused effort to remember how to be the birthing mother.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Pregnancy - Baby Shower

Posted by Carri:

I have the most wonderful friends! It is often a question as to whether or not a woman is given a baby shower after her first child (let alone her on her 4th!). My friends felt that every baby deserves to be celebrated, and every mom deserves to be showered. I felt like I didn't deserve it, but was so thankful to have had it. It not only helped me feel a little more ready for the baby, but it gave me more confidence that I have a great network of family and friends that are hear to help me, love me, and pray for me. Of course we incorporated the BINSI Birth Wish Bracelets. The blessings people wrote for me and my baby were so heartfelt and touching - I will treasure them forever! These are the kind of gifts that are priceless and will really last forever! Everyone loved that they got to keep a bracelet that would remind them of me and this baby. Again, I feel so blessed by all of these women, and this baby - it was truly a day filled with love and friendship.