Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pregnancy - The Waiting Game

This post was written by Carri on Tuesday, one day before the birth of Carri's first baby girl (with three older brothers)! We were so excited to add sweet baby Emery Grace to our family! Congratulations to Carri and Brent and their three wonderful boys!!!

Posted by Carri

This is a very common game almost all women play at the end of their pregnancies. This is a first for me. All three of my previous children were born exactly 11 days early (without being induced). I would plan on it and rejoice when it happened. However, this baby continues to insist that everything is different - including when he/she will arrive. So I am about a week past my 11 days early "exit date", and getting more frustrated, irritated and uncomfortable by the minute. I just got even more irritated when I saw that the pregnant man has even given birth before me - ugh! My children are also becoming impatient. My oldest has chided me several times saying that I told him the baby was going to come last week - sorry! I have so much more sympathy for all of those women that go 2 weeks past their due date! I really hope I do not! I am 3 cm and 80% effaced and the baby is at 0 station, so I hope that means that it will go quickly again. I will not hold my breath about this, because again this baby likes everything to be different! I have already tried all my "tricks" for bringing on labor, but have had no success.

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