Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Broken Record

Posted by Tink, friend of BINSI

One good thing about being the younger sister is you get hand-me-downs from your older sister. On this occasion, I traveled, driving 1300 each way, across the country to pick up loads, I mean loads, of baby gear. A high chair, a changing table, four 33-gallon trash bags full of clothes, a baby swing, hospital-grade breast pump, diapers, pregnancy and birthing books, little baby socks, little baby shoes, little baby hats, a Boppy, among some other things. As J said after we finished unloading the car, "All we need now is a baby." Well said, Honey.

My sister, E, was in the car with me as we drove from Denver, Colorado to Dublin, Ohio. She said something that settled some anxiety for me. I shouldn't even count the first 3 months of TTC therefore it's only been 2 cycles so far. Whether doctors still think that or not, (E's doc does) it was something I needed to hear. Irregular cycles help confirm as well. I know I shouldn't stress over the amount of time since I've been off birth control as I had been secretly hoping I'd be one of those women that getting preggo would happen the month after but it has been hard to not think about it. Yet after spending a week in Ohio visiting family, I was able to mentally remove myself from the broken record mindframe in which I had seemed to be stuck about this baby-making drama. Physically not being there was the ticket. Literally breaking my routine helped immensely. I stopped charting my basal body temperature. Did that for a month. Ovulation predictor kits are the new fad in my house now.

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