Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pregnancy - Products

Posted by Carri:

Belly Bandit - I got down to my pre-pregnancy weight after all of my children. I actually FINALLY got down to this weight this last time for the wedding we went to in Chicago, only to get pregnant on that trip! So after four kids I wonder how will my belly ever get back it's shape? I talked with my midwife and did some research on the internet, and I am now really hoping that the Belly Bandit will be the answer! You wrap it around your belly starting the day after you deliver, and do so for about six weeks. I have good plans of exercise and nutritious eating to assist in the process, but if this Belly Bandit can make it even a little bit easier - I'm in! I'll let you know how it goes.

feme Pads by Smart Choices - Since I am having a home birth and do not have an ice maker, I think these are great! They are ice packs specifically for your pelvic floor. They are made so that they never get too cold, and are quick and easy to clean and reuse. I know my bottom will be thankful!

Mama Bottom Balm by Earth Mama Angel Baby - this stuff is great! It is natural and cooling and is SO much better than Tucks pads or the chemical filled stuff they give you at the hospital. I had a 4th degree tear after my first child, and I can tell you that this stuff really is the best.

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