Monday, June 1, 2009

Pregnancy - Baby Shower

Posted by Carri:

I have the most wonderful friends! It is often a question as to whether or not a woman is given a baby shower after her first child (let alone her on her 4th!). My friends felt that every baby deserves to be celebrated, and every mom deserves to be showered. I felt like I didn't deserve it, but was so thankful to have had it. It not only helped me feel a little more ready for the baby, but it gave me more confidence that I have a great network of family and friends that are hear to help me, love me, and pray for me. Of course we incorporated the BINSI Birth Wish Bracelets. The blessings people wrote for me and my baby were so heartfelt and touching - I will treasure them forever! These are the kind of gifts that are priceless and will really last forever! Everyone loved that they got to keep a bracelet that would remind them of me and this baby. Again, I feel so blessed by all of these women, and this baby - it was truly a day filled with love and friendship.

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