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Hospital gowns: Fashion 101

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Just a few short months ago I had a beautiful baby boy. Now that I’m finally coming up for air, I decided to organize some pictures–starting chronologically with his birth. Herein lies the problem…there are no pictures of my hospital stay where I don’t look like a pale, washed-up bedsheet from 1975. Seriously, why doesn’t someone make a hospital gown in a flattering style and color? How about a few sparkles? Maybe a little satin or chenille accent? Something fun and feminine! I would pay a pretty penny to have some of these pics redone looking presentable.

Google to the rescue.

While these aren’t exactly what I was envisioning, they are much, much better than my wartorn bedsheet. DearJohnnies come in fun colors (think polka dots and stripes) and have matching bathrobes. Binsi scraps the gown altogether and goes for a comfy skirt and bra/tank combo that looks like real clothes. And RaspberryBee has a great line of Lilly Pullitzer gowns that incorporate Lilly’s signature pink and green colors.

Consider this my public service to the preggo-mama readers out there…ask someone to get you a cute gown (or whatever) for your birth. We buy dresses for all the other important days in our lives…proms, weddings, you name it–so why not get something you will look good in as you push that basketball out. (Sorry, can you tell it’s still a little fresh?)

Meanwhile, I’ll be here at my computer…Photoshop-ing my gown out of the 500 pictures we took that day.

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