Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Posted by Tink, friend of BINSI

Did I tell you the name of the baby since we wouldn't find out the gender until it is born?
DJ Baby Z. Isn't that FUN? Thought of that myself since some girls at the gym I teach at have nicknamed me something similar.

Wishin' and hopin'...that's about it these days. Still trying to relax. I'm an information hog which is my problem. (Didn't you already figure that out?) I've already begun to shop (well, window shop) for stuff I would want/need. It sure is fun looking around!

Sure is funny how as soon as you become interested in something you realize it is all around you. And it's probably already been all around you. Like never did I notice before how many pregnant women are out there right now! Also, you realize how many people have not-so-happy pregnancy stories. My cousin and her husband were unsuccessful for a long time then did In-vitro. 2 eggs implanted. Twin girls 9 months later. Happy ending!

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