Friday, May 29, 2009

Pregnancy - A Comical Last Date Night

Posted by Carri:

My husband and I LOVE to go to the movies. It is fun to get away and I love the popcorn! We recognize that our babies don't do very well in the movie theater, and so we went to see Star Trek (of course my husbands choice!) the other night as our last movie date for a while. A funny thing happened while I waited in line for the movie, and Brent was getting my popcorn. There were a few people in front of me that casually asked when I was due and made a few comments about my having a Trekie baby (I don't know about that!). When Brent finally joined me they all sighed in relief and commented on how glad they were to see I was not alone. They were wondering if I had gone into labor during the movie if they would have to help me. And best of all the guy responded, "I just went to the bathroom and washed my hands - so I'm ready." WHAT?! My response was "No I won't be having the baby tonight, and I think every girl in line is glad to know that you are washed and ready - just in case." It is funny how nervous people can get around women that are due to have their babies soon, and even funnier when they think that labor just goes so fast that I would need immediate assistance during a movie. And to think that I would want some strange man to deliver my child in the theater is so comical I doubt I will ever forget that exchange! It was certainly a date to remember!

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