Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pregnancy - Oh My Aching Hips!

Posted by Carri:

I am in awe of women that have more than 4 children! I am on baby number 4, and the final baby for sure! My body feels like an 80 year old. I waddle everywhere (and by the way, no I do NOT want your comments about it). I have to shuffle after lying or sitting down for too long because my hip joints are locked up. The baby has found the nerves in my hips and brings me to my knees when they are touched. Last pregnancy the nerve pain was so bad that one time I fell to the floor and my 3 year old told my 5 year old that "mommy is dying". Funny now, but it sure isn't funny when it happens! I'm not sleeping well and overall I'm exhausted. I'm sure there are more complaints, but I will stop here.

So how do women do this over and over and over again? My personal opinion is that they have super human strength. Some would say that I am a wimp, but frankly I think they really are amazing. Like the Duggar family - 18 kids?!?! First I can't imagine managing that many people, but I am certain my uterus would fall out and my body would disintegrate if I tried to carry more than 4 kids.

So hats off to those superhuman amazing women that love being pregnant and do so again and again! I wish I were more like you!


  1. Hi Carri,

    I am pregnant with our 5th little treasure and I really am able to relate to those sore hips you were talking about. Our eldest is 12 then 7, 5 and 2 next week! I think that I am a glutton for punishment because I have never had easy time of it being pregnant. Actually my lovely other half was ensuring that no more babies came our way - the appointment was booked - the week after we found out we were pregnant hehehe. Anyway from one sore hipped pregnant mumma to another, we will get through this! Somehow hehehe. Thanks for your blog it made me feel a little less freakish and alone!

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