Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pregnancy - Baby Products Act 2

Posted by Carri:

So we're still counting down till baby number 4 arrives, and I am still finding new and great products that I need or want. I saw Breathable Baby crib bumper and thought it was great! It's a bumper for the crib that is breathable and looks easy to put on and take off. The other crib bumpers always sagged down and were a pain to tie to each crib rail. Plus, it's only $20! That is a much better deal during this economic recession than the super cute and plush Pottery Barn bedding. Another great part about it is that it reduces the risk of SIDS because air can flow through it, and baby won't suffocate in it.

Boppy is my choice for a breastfeeding pillow. I have bought a new one for each kid because they condense over time. For some reason I have kept all of them too. I spend so much time with them it feels like throwing away a friend or something. So I will buy another one this time, and look forward to picking out a new cute cover. They also have a new product called The Newborn Lounger. I am guilty of putting all of my children in the Boppy to chill for a while (even though there is a very large WARNING label on the pillow advising otherwise), and have been ashamed to walk in and see them sunk in and uncomfortable. This pillow takes care of that problem. There is no hole, but a nice indent that makes it comfortable for baby and you don't have to feel like child services is about to walk in by leaving them in there while you do the dishes.

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