Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pre-Pregnancy - A New Way of Life

Written by Tink, friend of BINSI

I wouldn't be alone anymore. For 30 years, it's been just me. Selfish me...I can do whatever I want , whenever I want.

Yesterday I had a moment when the realization dug deep and excavated the space between my ribs and my heart; thinking about how once I have a baby it's no longer just me. Just J and I. It's me, J, and Baby Z. Baby Z depends on us for everything. Wow. EVERYTHING. To give them speech, knowledge, experiences, clothing, food, care, shelter. I'm not saying I'm not ready nor willing. I am ready, I am willing. I want to share my life, bring them all the joys, and be there for their tumbles. I want to know who they are and them to know who I am. As I sit here at the computer, alone, it is rather difficult to imagine how once I have a baby, my life as I know it, will be completely transformed. Never the same, ever. I'm waiting for that day yet will fully savor the days in between.

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