Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pregnancy - Baby Products Act 3

Posted by Carri:

Arm's Reach Mini Co-sleeper

I love having my baby near me while I sleep, and I really like the co-sleeper! It makes it so I don't have to get out of bed to nurse the baby, and it also provides a safe guard if by chance the baby rolls out of bed. I have a terrible story, that my husband will never live down, that will make you think twice about not having anything next to the bed! My husband fell asleep with our second son on his chest. Hudsen rolled off his chest and onto the floor. He was only 6 weeks old and I totally freaked! Thankfully our pediatrician was pretty laid back and there was no rushing to the hospital, but it scared me to death! Now after the baby outgrows the co-sleeper, but still comes into bed to nurse at night, I put up a kids bed rail and a pillow to make sure they do go anywhere.

Earth Mama Angel Baby

I love these products! They are all natural and have been verified by, that they really are safe and natural. There are so many products now that claim to be natural, but really are just better than the worst stuff. Here are my favorite products:

Mama Bottom Balm - an amazing cooling salve that is better than the prescription stuff the hospital gives out.

Nipple Butter - no lanolin, and safe for you and baby. A great solution to sensitive nipples.

Booby Tubes - I often struggle with clogged ducts (which I have learned comes from drinking caffeine) and these warming pads make a huge difference in avoiding a breast infection.

Angel Baby Body Wash - a great smell and easy to use. I love it!

Angel Baby Lotion - again a yummy smell and great for baby

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  1. I LOVE Earm Mama Angel Baby Products as well- they are divine!
    I recommend that nursing Mama's keep a bottle of Wishgarden Herbs Mastitis Remedy in their medicine cabinet as this remedy is AMAZING! Taken at the first signs of plugged ducts or sensitivity, this remedy will keep mastitis at bay- so quick and effective!