Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pregnancy - Siblings at Births

Posted by Carri:

For this birth I am planning on having all 3 of my children present. My oldest son was there at the last birth and loved it. He was so cute that he immediately asked where the placenta was after the baby was born (my doctor noted that he was clearly the son of a birth doula). People tend to worry about how kids handle birth, but I found bringing Caden in right as the baby was crowning was perfect. He saw me a bit while I was laboring, but found that he would rather color out in the hall. He loved seeing the baby right away and was able to cut the cord. My second oldest is very excited that he will have the honor of cutting the cord this time.

I do think it is important to talk to your kids about labor and birth. I talk to them about what sounds women make while they labor, and that sometimes we cry, but that it is all for a good reason. We watch the video of them when they were born and talk about it as well. I think telling them ways they can help - if they want to - is also empowering to them. This time around, I'm glad that they can come and go as they please and just be there when they want. They will have plenty of people around to help them and keep an eye on them, so it will all work out fine. I also think it is very important to stress that they do not have to be present at the birth if they don't feel comfortable. Making it a choice, rather than a rule, helps bring the stress level down. Overall I hope it is a great experience for them and one they will remember forever.

On a quick side note, I think wearing BINSI skirts during your birth helps avoid some of the awkwardness of having older boy children (and other family members) in the room. I'm thankful my little skirt will make everyone feel more comfortable most importantly me!

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