Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pregnancy - Getting Siblings Ready for the New Baby

Posted by Carri

It is almost time for this little one to join the family! Unfortunately, my children have been waiting and waiting and waiting for this baby for so long - they kind of think it is not really going to happen. So to help them feel like a part of this event, and that something really is going to happen, we went to Build A Bear. We have done this for all of the boys. We take the big brother(s) to Build A Bear where they get to pick out a bear and put a heart in it and of course have it stuffed. This is the gift the boys will give the baby when it is born - and likewise the baby will have gifts for them too. My youngest will get a newborn cabbage patch kid - so he has a baby to take care of too. The other two will get gifts that they will enjoy and will keep them occupied every so often.

As another way to wake them up to the fact that this baby really will be joining our family, I put the car seat in the car. I put it where the youngest currently sits and put a stuffed animal in the seat to make it more fun for them. Overall, I think it will be a joyous celebration when this little one arrives - but adding fun things, and remembering that kids liked to be included to the mix, only makes it better.

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