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Birthing Clothes - Meet Carri Grimditch and Kimberly Taylor of Binsi™

I have two guests today - Carri Grimditch and Kimberly Taylor of Binsi™. The company sells specially designed birthing clothes - tops and skirts aimed at making women feel more relaxed and comfortable at the time of giving birth. Their birth / labor clothing has attracted wide media attention. In my interview the owners share their business tips and tell us their business story. Lets move on then and learn more about these unique labor and delivery clothes business. Read and get inspired.

BINSI® is a unique Labor & Birth Apparel and Jewelry line designed to empower women during pregnancy, birth and beyond. BINSI® is a wonderful way to help mothers create a more normal and personal birth experience. These functional and practical skirts and tops are designed to be stylish and comfortable during third trimester, labor & birth as well as postpartum recovery. BINSI® Birth Wish Bracelets and BINSI® Blessing Beads offer a unique way to connect friends and family to the mother-to-be, and surround her with a network of support and love.

How did you come up with the idea for your birthing clothes business?

The idea began when Carri was preparing for the birth of her second child. She knew that she didn’t want to wear a hospital gown, but also knew that it would need to accommodate the medical equipment she might need, and the physical needs of moving while laboring. She then started to put together different design ideas until she found one that would work. She learned how to sew to make her skirt, which is a story in and of itself, but ended up with a great looking skirt that was better than she expected to wear during her labor and birth.

Was it hard to promote the labor and delivery clothes in the initial days?

The idea was not difficult to promote in the beginning because Carri never intended it to become a business. However, after telling other friends and doula clients about what she chose to wear at her birth, they wanted them too. They told their friends and clients and soon she was sewing a lot of skirts, and still not a good sewer - 4 hours per skirt!

Did you have a business plan when you started?

After Carri exhausted her own abilities, and that of a neighbor who also sewed, she realized that it was time to create a real company. When Carri made that decision BINSI® did start off with a business plan. It was a difficult to create it, but well worth it!

What is your number one stress relief tactic?

Carri: Spending a day not working or cleaning. Just hanging out with my husband and kids.

Kim: Putting all the work aside (and my cell phone where I can’t hear it) and simply being a Mom for the afternoon!

Give us some of your time management tips?

Carri: Work when you have time to sit down and actually accomplish something. I have learned the hard way that constantly trying to fit things in while the kids are around is too difficult, everyone ended up with less, and it wasn’t worth it.

Kim: Find a friend who needs help too and set up a regular kid swap. I can get more done in 3 hours alone than 8 hours trying to be business person/mom. Everyone suffers and my stress level increases exponentially. In addition, I prioritize the things I have to do and if I can do it at night after the kids are in bed then I wait to do it then. Quiet day time hours are precious and I hate to spend them doing things I can do in the evening.

Finally, your five keys to success?

1. Truly believing in the benefits of our products. We not only want the business to succeed, but we are truly passionate about wanting to empower women through their birth experience.
2. Maintaining our focus on creating quality products that are focused on the mother and her needs.
3. Specific job responsibilities and expectations.
4. Specific job responsibilities and expectations.
5. Most importantly a close friendship between us.

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