Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fuzzy Kiwi Store Closing

Posted by Kim:

As written by Loni & Missy -

Hello Ladies,

For 3+ years, Missy and I have enjoyed being able to offer women fashionable maternity clothes for a fraction of the retail price (literally 50-85% off!). This past year we opened the store and hoped to make it work, but this economy just did not allow it.

So we are very sorry to say that our last day open will be Saturday, February 21st. If you have not been to the store, trust me - you want to go. Sooooo many women over the years have told us they just wished they knew about us sooner because the deals are really incredible. If you aren't pregnant but have been to our store in the past and enjoyed it, we would love for you to tell your friends about the store so they don't miss out on their chance for great bargains.

For February - we will only be open on Saturdays from 10-5. We are making the announcement to our mailing list this week and the general public next week.

It has been a pleasure meeting you and we wish you the best. E-mail if you have any questions. Always remember, you should Expect Great Fashion!

Fuzzy Kiwi
1300 W. Midway
Broomfield, CO 80023
50-75% off maternity clothes

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