Monday, February 9, 2009

Baby Girl Born In Denver Public Library

Posted by Kim:

WOW, now that is going to be a smart little girl! As the librarian said, "It's never too early to get a library card."

Rocky Mountain News - January 27, 2009
Baby Girl Born in Library

She is officially the youngest person to hold a Denver Public Library card — and deservedly so.

Sariah Unique Trevino was born Tuesday morning inside the doors of downtown's central library, just minutes after her surprised and scared mom realized she was going into labor while riding an RTD bus.

The little girl — all 5 pounds, 12 ounces of her — wasn't due to arrive until Wednesday.

"I just can't believe I had her at the library," Dominique Trevino said while cradling Sariah at a press conference Wednesday at Denver Health.

Trevino, 18, was riding the route 0 bus down Broadway, en route to a doctor appointment, when she started feeling contractions.

She told a woman sitting near her what was happening. The still unidentified woman — who told Trevino she worked at Denver Health — told her to get off the bus and go to the library, while the woman called an ambulance.

Trevino thinks the bus driver never knew what was happening.

Across town at Colorado Boulevard and Colfax Avenue, paramedics Jeremy Greene and Maryanne Foerster got a call about a possible delivery near the library's Broadway Street entrance, Greene said.

They were three-quarters of the way when the dispatcher returned with an update: "Baby's coming."

By the time paramedics arrived, security guard Zac Laugheed had helped Trevino inside and placed his jacket on the floor for Trevino to lie on. Sariah was halfway out.

She arrived at 9:03 a.m., just inside the library doors in a spot Laugheed said was "as private as I could find."

The whole delivery lasted just a few minutes — much easier than Trevino's first daughter, born 18 months ago.

Baby and mom were just fine.

Library staff pitched in to buy a bag full of children's books for Sariah, which Thomas Scott, director of security and safety, presented to Trevino at Wednesday's news conference.

He also gave her an earth-friendly library totebag with two unactivated library cards inside — one for mom, who said she's not a big reader, and one for baby.

"We look forward to having her as a customer," Scott told Trevino.

The birth was a first for the Denver Public Library.

"It was awesome," Laugheed said.

With some of the crazy things he's seen as a security guard, the 25-year-old was happy to see sirens arrive for a happy reason.

"We all had smiles on our faces," he added. "It was a beautiful morning."

Trevino, meanwhile, is scheduled to take her newest daughter home to east Denver on Thursday.

She assured everyone that this time, there will be no bus.

"I got a ride," she smiled.

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