Monday, February 23, 2009

Reviews - Barefoot Mommies

Posted by Kim:

Check out the awesome review we received from Angela of Barefoot Mommies! Read the review and leave a comment for a chance to win the BINSI Birth Skirt of your choice.

Angela says "Now, I'm not pregnant, nor have I just had another baby, but that doesn't keep me from wearing this. It is BEYOND comfortable! You can even wear the skirt out and about. After you have your baby, it comes with draw strings so you're still able to wear it even after post baby weight. Which I think is awesome because you will get what you paid for and then some.
When Binsi contacted me, I was excited...Course with someone not being pregnant I was a little hesitant because I figured it's just for pregnant women, but I LOVE this skirt, my gosh. I can't say enough about the comfort of it."

What an honor for us!


  1. I agree with this review! I used the Binsi II Too skirt while in labor with my daughter and LOVED it! I have since worn a few different styles of Binsi skirts simply because they are so comfortable! They are flattering, even on a weird, postpartum body, and so comfortable. The Black Bamboo Skirt was one of staples last summer- LOVE IT!

  2. i always thought these skirts would go way beyond labor - they are sooo cute!! skirts are just so fun and wonderful!