Monday, April 27, 2009

Woman gives birth on Fifth Ave.; passers-by cheer

Posted by Kim:

Another example of birth being a natural experience. What I also find amazing about this woman's experience is the fact that she naturally delivered twins, TWINS! It seems to me that everyone I know who is pregnant with twins automatically get a c-section date. Why is it so uncommon to deliver twins naturally? I know that twins are not always born by c-section, but it seems to me that most people I know pregnant with multiples rarely even consider having a vaginal birth, much less a natural vaginal birth. Hopefully this mindset that women couldn't possibly tolerate the vaginal birth of multiples will soon be dispelled.

5:21 PM EDT, April 24, 2009

A New York woman who almost made it to the hospital on time instead ended up giving birth on Fifth Avenue with a view of Central Park.

Nurse manager Lucille Nassery immediately recognized the sounds of childbirth when she heard a woman screaming outside her window at Mount Sinai Medical Center on Friday. Elisabeth Brew of Scarsdale was sprawled across the front seat of her SUV as her husband frantically sought help.

Nassery and other hospital staffers ran out to help deliver the baby girl, whose head had already crowned.

Passers-by cheered and exclaimed over the newborn, whose twin brother was delivered a few minutes later indoors. Both babies are healthy, but will stay hospitalized for a few weeks because they're premature.

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