Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Birth Story - An Unexpected Home Birth

Posted by Carri:

My last doula client had her baby this weekend - and it was a wild story! They live a little more than an hour away from me, and because she was already 4+ centimeters, I knew it would be fast. However, when they called me I ran out the door as fast as I could, but was too late! Bummer because I love this couple so much, and it will be my last doula birth for a while. But I wasn't the only one that missed it - they never even made it to the car! I drove up to find an ambulance and fire truck outside - and was shocked. Apparently her water broke and the baby was born less than 45 minutes later. Her husband was brilliant in that he checked to make sure that the cord was not wrapped around the baby's neck, an when his wife asked him to pull the baby out, he told her to wait until her next contraction. This was their second baby, but I think that was amazing! They called 911 after the baby had been born and all was well.

***A little side note if this, or something else dealing with a lot of blood happens, the fire department and medics do NOT clean up afterward, so make sure to ask for some gloves before they leave ; )***

All in all it was a great birth and everyone was healthy and happy. Another good example of why birth is not a medical event, but a natural beautiful part of life.

This whole ordeal got me really thinking. I too have very fast births, and even though I'm having a home birth and everyone is close by..... what if? So I looked online for the basics on delivering a baby unassisted so my husband would be able to the best he could if faced with a similar situation. This came from Labor Basics on

• Don't panic. Remaining calm can help you focus on the birth, even if you are alone.

• Call your doctor, midwife, or 9-1-1 if you are able. If you are in your car, pull over and put on your blinkers. No use killing everyone by driving wildly, you're much safer having the baby in the car while it's stopped.

• Remind mother to try to pant, or only push very gently with the contractions.

• As the baby's head becomes visible, place your hand on the head and provide it with support to keep it from popping out. Remind mother to try and pant during this part to help prevent tearing. If you're alone, simply place your hands over the baby's head as best as possible.

• Do not pull on the baby or it's head! You may gently guide the baby out.

• Gently stroke downward on the baby's nose to help expel the excess mucous and amniotic fluid.

• Place the baby skin-to-skin on mom, with the baby's head slightly lower than it's body (to help facilitate draining the mucous). Cover both of them with dry blankets or towels.

• Don't cut or pull on the umbilical cord.

• If the placenta is born place it next to the baby, again do not cut the cord. (I would add to put it in a ziplock bag or Tupperware container)

• Keep mom and baby safe until the practitioner arrives, or until help gets there. Or until you can get to the place of birth.

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