Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pregnancy - I Love My New BINSI Skirt

Posted by Carri:

So I'm not sure if it it's OK to brag about your own product, but I'm going to anyways! I am now 33 weeks and I can't tell you how much I LOVE my BINSI skirts. The baby dropped 2 weeks ago, and since then I have not been able to wear anything but my knit yoga pants and my BINSI skirts. The baby's head is deep in my pelvis and anything with elastic is very uncomfortable (both for me and the baby). I get a lot of unhappy punches and kicks when I try to wear anything else. So for anyone who thinks BINSI is a one time wear for birth - I am hear to share that it is very much untrue! I can't tell you how happy I am to have something comfortable to wear. Not to mention that wearing a skirt just makes you look like you tried a little harder to dress nice and look good (which is not at all what my plans are when I struggle to get my puffy self dressed in the morning!). So think twice before sticking your skirt in your bag to go to the hospital - your body will thank you for it!

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  1. Choosing comfortable dress during pregnancy and specially that time is too much hard when you are 33 weeks pregnant.