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Birth Story - Griffin's Birth

Posted by Kim:

Below is the story of my second son, Griffin's, birth as written in my birth journal. Enjoy


Written by Mommy:

Well today is the big day! Hopefully our second little guy will be born on Uncle Will's Birthday! We scheduled our labor to be induced today because Griffin is growing at a healthy rate (possibly 3 lbs more than Connor's birth weight) and also this way our friends knew when to expect Connor to come over and play. It is a little bit difficult not to have family in the area.

** The decision to induce Griffin's birth is something I have regretted since. Convenience is not a good enough excuse, but I also remember being very tired of being pregnant. I only wish I had held out for my labor to start naturally, but I can't change that now. It is what it is. **

We weren't sure if you would be born today. At 5am we received a phone call from the birthplace saying that they were full with birthing mothers and we might not be able to come in, but call back at 8am to check. I could barely wait! At 7:58am I called and the girl who answered said we probably won't be coming in (why didn't I see this as a sign?). Then after waiting on hold for what seemed like 30 minutes, but was probably 3, she said "Can you com in at 8:30am?" I was so surprised it must be the closest feeling I have ever had to the surprise of natural childbirth. So we quickly got ready, packed Connor's bag, and umped in the car. Dad dropped me off at the hospital and said "OK call me when you're ready to have a baby. I'll be back to pick you up." Ha Ha, who is the funny guy? Dad then took Connor over to Aunt Kathy's house to play.

I went up to the birthplace and checked into room 2105. The first thing I do is change into the birthing skirt my friend Carri gave me as a present and a jog bra. Daddy arrived soon after and started shooting video right away. Now that he has become a video editor extraordinaire he looks at shooting video in a whole new light! My goal is to give birth to you by 6pm. We'll see how things go.

Written by Daddy:

Here's Daddy! Connor and I dropped Mommy off at 8:45am at LUH and told her to give us a call if she needed anything, its boys day out! Ha, not really. After dropping Mom off Connor went to visit Aunt Kathy for the day. Everyone was anxiously awaiting Connor's arrival for a day of cars and trains. I arrived at LUH at 9:15am to coach baby Griffin into the world. We're in room 2105 this year and we've got a much better view this time, we can see snow covered Long's Peak from our room. I started with casual photography and video to capture the scene. At 10:30am pitocin starts, the fun begins. So far so good, Dr Finnegan stopped by at 12:30pm, 3 to 4 cm dilated and he broke Mommy's bag of water at 12:45pm. While anxiously awaiting Griffin's arrival we listened to the Birth Day and U2 CDs we made and watched Old School. 2:30pm Epidural time. The epidural seems to have been slower to take effect, but by 3:15pm we seem to have a good block. Kim is about 7cm now. 4:10pm Dr Finnegan stops by and Kim is about 9cm dilated now.

Written by Mommy:

Our first nurse is Elaine and she is quite nice. She is from Alberta, Canada and we talked a lot about Toronto and how beautiful it is there. Elaine starts the pitocin around 10:30am and she said it will take about 3-5 minutes before my body will react to the iv. Unfortunately the contractions do not start as quickly as I had hoped, but there are a few.

Around 12:30pm Dr Finnegan stopped over and broke my bag of water. I am only dilated to about 3 1/2 or 4 cms, but he said this should really get my contractions going. Unfortunately this is not true, but I am definitely having more contractions than before. I work through the contractions while watching Old School. You can't help but laugh through the contractions.

Around 2:30pm I decide it is time to get up , use the bathroom and prepare for the epidural. For some reason I have to take a pepcid pill with an Alka Seltzer chaser. I don't remember doing that before, but then again, everything about your pregnancy, labor and birth has been totally different than Connor's. You are your own man. The Dr finally arrives after Elaine checks me and says that I am 7cm dilated. I am so surprised because the contractions at 7cms with you seem about 1/2 as bad as the contractions I had with Connor at 4cms, and they are in a totally different location. My contractions with you are at the top of my belly pushing you down. My goal is to deliver you by 6pm.

After getting the Epidural everything calms down. I am actually a little tired and feel like I could fall asleep. however, by 4:00pm I am completely dilated but you seem to be in a long sleep period and the contractions are not regular. Elaine is going to call Dr Finnegan and see what we should do. She thinks we should turn down the epidural and turn up the pitocin. So that is what we are going to do.

By 6pm the contractions are regular and I have regained a lot of feeling in my lower body because the Epidural has been turned off. At this time Elaine leaves and Suzy becomes our pushing coach. She and Daddy start to urge me on and hope that you will be born before Suzy has to leave at 7:00pm. For a while even Dr Finnegan was in the room to hold my leg. They kept telling me to push down and I thought that was what I was doing, but I guess not because you were not moving much.

Suzy leaves at 7:00pm and Joyce takes over and the pushing remains the same. Wither you are stuck or I am a terrible pusher. Unfortunately I think it is the latter of the two. Daddy is being so helpful because by now the Epidural has completely worn off and it is pretty painful. Because I don't seem to be pushing well I ask Joyce to get out the mirror so I can see what is going on myself. I figured if I could see your head maybe it would give me something to focus on. It seems to help a little, but by 8:00pm Dr Finnegan tells us we have a 1/2 hour until c-section. I almost lose it, but I am determined to push you out. I do not want a c-section. Daddy and Joyce cheer me on and Daddy says I am pushing well. Apparently I am using a lot more strength than I realized I had. I keep checking the time but I can see that you are moving. This is going to work.

Finally around 8:30pm they call the team in and you are going to be born. A few more pushed and your head comes out! This is amazing. I have to stop though because the cord is wrapped around your neck twice. Dr Finnegan clamps it and cuts it quickly. Unfortunately Daddy did not get to do the ceremonial cutting of the cord, but your health is most important. Now we're ready to push again. Just another push and you are out! Finally!! You were born at 8:43pm. It was a struggle, but I was determined.

Immediately after you are born they take you to the warmer and Daddy heads over to inspect. Of course he says you have Connor's hands and feet. The nurses clean you off as I deliver the placenta, thankfully with only one push. You are not crying like I wold like and it seems like you are grunting a little too. After they let me hold you for a short time, but then the nurses and Daddy take you down to the nursery to check everything out. I am worried because I don't know if everything is alright.

While you are in the nursery I called Aunt Lisa & Uncle Tony, Grandma & Grandpa King, and Aunt Kathy to tell them the good news! I don't even know what your statistics are yet! I am guessing that you weigh about 7 pounds.

Finally Daddy returns from the nursery with your stats. You are 8lbs 1oz!! I can't believe it. No wonder I had trouble pushing. You are 21" long and your head circumference is 13 3/4 " (75% on the charts). I can't believe it! Now I am so glad that you were induced, if you were much bigger I don't think I would have been able to deliver you! You are 3lbs 7oz bigger than Connor was when he was born.

The Dr decided that you should spend the night in the nursery just to be safe. So after a while Daddy and I head down to the nursery so I can nurse you. I am so happy when you latch right on and eat like a little piggy! I love it!! Daddy and I stay and cuddle you until midnight. We love you so much! We're just happy that you are healthy. Daddy then goes home so he can catch some Zs and pick Connor up in the morning. I nurse you again during the night and at 6am the NICU nurse Erika brings you down to our room. I am not going to let you out of my sight from now on.

Griffin on the left Connor on the right, same Pooh Bear (two totally different babies)

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