Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Suggested Phone Script

Posted by Kim as seen on the Sharing the Journey, Life after Postpartum Depression Blog

Suggested Script

“Hello this is (your name) one of Senator (your local Senator’s name) constituents from (your town). I am calling to ask Senator (name of H.E.L.P. Committee member) to co-sponsor The MOTHERS Act bill number S. 324, sponsored by Senator Menendez, which will provide funding for research, education, screening and treatment of postpartum depression.”

(Add any personal statement or story here)

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE H.E.L.P. Committee is a FEDERAL Committee. You Do NOT have to be from the Senator’s state to phone them with support for the Melanie Blocker Stokes MOTHER’S ACT.

Quick Facts:

* 80% of all new moms develop the Baby Blues
* 20% of all new moms develop a full blown episode of Postpartum Depression
* 8-11% of pregnant moms develop depression/anxiety
* Postpartum Mood Disorders can develop at anytime within the first 12 months after giving birth
* Without intervention, maternal depression may have a lasting effect on childhood development
* Postpartum Mood Disorders also place a strain on marriages and other family relationships.
* Postpartum Psychosis, although rare, carries the highest risk for infanticide/suicide (10% risk factor). This is a medical emergency!

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