Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mike Rowe Dirty Jobs - Diaper Cleaner

Posted by Kim:

My husband and I have been big fans of Mike Rowe and his show Dirty Jobs for several seasons now! As a matter of fact one of the reasons we started watching Deadliest Catch was simply because Mike Rowe is the narrator. Mike's ability to find some of the Dirtiest Jobs is amazing, but even funnier is his fantastic sense of humor. While all of the jobs he documents are difficult and hard to imagine being full-time work, he really brings a hilarious edge to the show. So of the companies/workers he documents find him hilarious too, but there is the occasional host who does not find him funny at all.

I have seen many, many episodes but this week we watched a funny and relevant episode, the life and times of the diaper cleaner. In this episode that originally aired on February 3, 2009 Mike follows a day in the life of the Tidee Didee Cloth Diaper Service in Sacramento California.

To watch a clip from the episode click here

According to the episode the Tidee Didee companies processes 10,000 diapers per week and that translates in 1/2 million less disposable diapers clogging up the landfills each year. Also, disposable diapers in the US acocunt for 2 billion tons of plastic, paper, pulp, and untreated urine and poo going into landfills each year.

When Connor was an infant we used a cloth diaper service and it was awesome! I love the fact that we were using cloth and yet I didn't have to clean them myself. We probably didn't save as much money as we would have had we purchased the diapers ourselves, but there are certain things that are worth paying for as far as I am concerned and washing poo is one of them. The other good thing about the service was that they used extra water efficient washers and in Colorado water efficiency is very critical. We used the Earth Smart Diaper Service in Longmont, but to find a diaper service in your area you can check the Diaper Service Directory or the more informational National Association of Diaper Services website.

You will also find the answers to the following questions on the National Association of Diaper Services website

Why use cloth?
Why cotton?
Isn't it inconvenient?
Anything else I should know about using cotton?
Does dry mean clean?
Are disposable diapers linked to asthema?
Are disposable diapers associated with an increased scrotal temperature?
Economic issues

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