Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pregnancy - IntelliGender

Posted by Carri:

This pregnancy I decided NOT to find out the gender of my baby. I found out the first two pregnancies, and neither time felt very special. I highly recommend asking the ultrasound tech to give you the gender in an envelope (and please make sure they clearly label if it is a boy or a girl!), and then opening it in a fun and special way alone. The first time we found out, we were just in the dark room with the ultrasound tech that was really just a stranger. She just said, "it's a boy" and that was all. There was no hugging or moving (because she was still doing the ultrasound) and I left feeling sort of unaffected by the whole thing. The second time around, we had the ultrasound tech put it in an envelope and we put it in our Christmas stocking. Great idea - right? I am sorry to report it did not turn out nearly as special as I had hoped. The ultrasound tech just put in a picture that no one could clearly read, and ended up being a total disappointment. This was awful because I had waited an entire month to open that envelope that had been taunting me, and I couldn't call anyone because it was Christmas day. So when I went in the next day, my doctor announced in the stairwell on our way to the ultrasound office that it was a boy. Definitely NOT special.

For my third child I waited to find out, and it was awesome! I knew it was a boy, but it was great to find out during the joy and excitement of meeting him for the first time. I much prefer that to the lame ways of the past. So this time I chose again not to find out. I would say I decided this both because I think it is more fun, and because everyone wants it to be a girl (I personally don't care - just a healthy baby please!), and didn't want to hear from people how they were bummed it wasn't a girl. I have been very curious this pregnancy though, to tell you the truth! It has been a very different pregnancy, but I am not a believer in that being a tell-all by any means. So, to have something to write about that was pregnancy related, and out of curiosity, I took the Intelligender test.

The test was $30 and I bought it at Walgreens - it is easy to get and not too outrageously priced. I followed the directions perfectly, so I will be very curious to see if it really is accurate. The test itself is fairly simple: pee in a cup, put pee in a syringe, put pee in test cup and swirl. The stuff in the test cup was interesting in that it had glitter in it. I sort of felt like it was some Disney magic potion or something ; ), but I digress. You wait 10 minutes and the color of the urine is either yellow if it is a girl, or green if it is a boy. Drum roll please..... it said GIRL. Now, I have my doubts about the accuracy of such a test. They say it is 99% accurate in their lab, and overall 87% accurate world wide. I find it very curious and can hardly wait the 8 weeks I have left to find out! I think it has made my desire to know a bit more fierce, thus making me unsure if it was a good idea or not that I took the test. I have felt most of the time that it is a boy, so now I am questioning myself - but I keep reminding myself that it's all fun and games anyway. If you have used this test, I would love to know if it was accurate or not for you. Overall, fun idea but now we all have to wait 8 weeks to find out if it is accurate - sorry!

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