Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pregnancy - Swim Aerobics

For the last two pregnancies I have gone to my pregnancy swim class. It is in the therapy pool at the hospital - and is wonderful! My body feels awesome in the water, and the exercise is both good for me and baby. My hips seem to enjoy the class most. I often feel very uncomfortable most of the time, but after that class - I feel great! There is something about the warm water, movement, and weight being lifted off my hips that is nothing short of amazing! If you haven't tried a pregnancy swim class - I highly recommend you do so! It's also a great way to meet other pregnant moms (though I am sad to report this time around there haven't been many women in my class this pregnancy - or else I would have included a picture). If you're pregnant and live in the Longmont area - come join me on Monday nights at 5:30 and Longmont United Hospital - you'll love it and I'll love having some company!!

This great picture came from They also reference that one of the benefits of swim aerobics during pregnancy is less pain medication needed during labor - woo hoo!

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