Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pregnancy - Intelligender Update

Posted by Carri:

As you will remember, I took the IntelliGender test in April, towards the end of my second trimester. I also did the DrainO crystal test and just had a lot of fun playing with all the old wives tales. That is another fun part about not finding out the gender with ultrasound. We also checked with the Chinese calendar and asked everyone we knew (including the Big O Tire man - who was right both times about the genders of my last two pregnancies!). All the tests, except the Chinese calendar, predicted we were having a girl. Deep down I thought I was having a girl, but was worried that was just what I was hoping for. So when a girl actually came out, I was both relieved and shocked. So the IntelliGender test was accurate! I read somewhere that several women were suing a company that sells a similar product to IntelliGender. They claim that the test was not accurate for them. Do we really have to sue? The test is $25, and is really meant for fun more than anything. With ultrasounds and amnio tests, I can't imagine why you would take this test very seriously. It certainly didn't convince me after taking it. I did it for fun! What do you think?

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  1. I'm sure the companies that offer such tests have a disclaimer on them... not something worth suing about! That wasted time could better be used to marvel and love on the baby, anyhow!