Monday, July 27, 2009

Vacationing with the kids

Posted by Kim:

Hello and sorry for the hiatus without notice over the last week. I was enjoying a fabulous vacation with my entire extended family on the St Lawrence River and boy did we have a great time. The weather in upstate NY is always a little iffy, one can never tell what it is going to be like, but we made the most of it. Considering the weather report we really only had one day of rain so it was pretty great.

Each year vacations get more fun with my boys because they are able to do more, I am able to worry a little less, and more importantly they often sleep in later than I do! I can't believe that day has actually come (yeah ok so my youngest is only 4 it really hasn't been that long). I am sure the day will come when I am actually going in and waking them up so they don't miss the fun.

Never the less, vacationing may not be without its parental concerns, but it is so fun when the boys can literally play all day with their cousin and never once ask to watch a movie or even wonder why we don't even have a tv. I loved watching Connor take a fish off the hook all by himself for the first time and Griffin throw caution to the wind and jump off the fishing dock and swim in The River. As I tried to tell him, "Sometimes you just have to take the chance!"

One things for sure, I could get use to a summer River lifestyle! When we return home to CO I will be happy to get back into a routine and glad to be back to our beautiful state, but I sure will miss NY and the wonderful friends and family we have here. At least my family and I are blessed enough to be able to make these long wonderful trips back to see our friends and family and explore beautiful places!

I may not be back home, but I am back to work so expect more posts and informational articles!

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