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Flu Vaccine Causes Inflammatory Response in Pregnant Women – Vaccine Journal

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MB Comment: A new study shows an increase in inflammatory response among pregnant women who receive flu vaccine. This inflammatory response increases the risk of preeclampsia and preterm birth. Preeclampsia is a life-threatening condition characterized by a rapid rise in blood pressure that can lead to seizure, stroke, multiple organ failure and death of the mother and/or baby.

The CDC recommends flu vaccination for pregnant women. Most doctors will unquestioningly follow that CDC dictate. This new study is a stark warning to pregnant women about the safety of CDC-recommended vaccines. Health authorities apparently don’t mind killing you or your baby when they conduct a successful universal vaccination program. Their experts would claim it is a coincidence and state unequivocally that the benefits outweigh the risks.


Inflammatory responses to trivalent influenza virus vaccine among pregnant women.
Vaccine Journal September 2011


In the U.S., seasonal trivalent influenza vaccination (TIV) is currently universally recommended for all pregnant women. However, data on the maternal inflammatory response to vaccination is lacking and would better delineate the safety and clinical utility of immunization. In addition, for research purposes, vaccination has been used as a mild immune trigger to examine in vivo inflammatory responses in nonpregnant adults. The utility of such a model in pregnancy is unknown. Given the clinical and empirical justifications, the current study examined the magnitude, time course, and variance in inflammatory responses following seasonal influenza virus vaccination among pregnant women.

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