Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Midwives Needed Around the World

Ever felt like midwifery was your calling? I know it is mine, but with 4 little ones at home I cannot fulfill it yet. Reading articles like this tug at my heart strings and make me so eager to get started. We are so lucky in this country to have quality care available to us!

The world needs 350,000 more midwives, says Save the Children, which is calling for more training and education on the importance of their role in saving livesGallery: The global shortage of midwives

Tahiru, 37, lost his wife three months ago while she was giving birth to Nabia, in Katsina, northern Nigeria. In Nigeria, one in five women deliver their babies alone. Photograph: Pep Bonet/Noor/Save The Children One in three women around the world gives birth without the help of anybody who has been trained to help – and 2 million give birth entirely alone, according to a report called Missing Midwives from Save the Children. Often they can't get to a health centre with trained midwives or other skilled healthcare workers. Sometimes their husband or mother-in-law will not let them. Save the Children is campaigning for more midwives to be trained around the world, to fill some of the estimated 350,000 shortage. In the UK, only 1% of women give birth without skilled help. In Ethiopia, the figure is 94% – almost all.

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