Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Is 34 Weeks The New 36 Weeks?

A note from Carri:

I was really surprised when I read this blog. I have never been a forum girl, and therefore miss a lot of the discussion between women that generally don't view birth the same way I do. I have to admit that I am not a good pregnant woman. I was always sick for a very long time, very uncomfortable, and grouchy. I sympathize with the desire to not be pregnant any longer because of the discomforts of pregnancy, but once we are pregnant our world is no longer about us.

Near the end of our pregnancies we need to remember that there is so much more to consider other than ourselves, but we feel so weak. Even when we can no longer bend over to tie your shoes or have such bad heartburn you are certain you could breathe fire, it is only temporary there is a life inside of you. There is a person growing inside of you and benefiting from every breath you take.

There are a lot of sacrifices we make as mothers, but we shouldn't really view them as sacrifices. I won't go so far to say that morning sickness for 22 weeks with my 4th child was a privilege, but I will say that it strengthened me and challenged me. It made me dig deep and find the love and depth required to be the mother my children need - similar to what I went through during labor. We are blessed to have these babies, and should do everything we can to help them grow and come into the world on their time, not ours.

So I remind all the pregnant mamas out there, embrace your pregnancy, and know that it is only temporary and you will never, ever, be able to have this connection or privilege of being the only person that can perfectly meet every need this baby has with this baby again. You are blessed - and it is worth every discomfort in the world!


Is 34 Weeks The New 36 Weeks?I am not really sure why I still frequent those monthly due date groups through my pregnancies. In the past I have learned just how vile, and truly toxic they can be. But, this pregnancy I embraced it and thought things I would be different… of course I was wrong… again.

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  1. Being a mom of preemie twins and seeing them struggle I would have PAID to get to 36 weeks. It is sheer ignorance that these women want their child born at 34 weeks let alone 36. 39 weeks is term EVEN for twins. Just because there are 2 in there does NOT mean they develop faster. Ugh so disappointing.