Thursday, February 11, 2010

Twins born 35 years apart

Written by Kim:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRIFFIN. Griffin, is my second born son (read his birth story), and today is his 5th birthday!!! It is hard to believe that he is 5, but the thing that is even harder for me to believe is how much he looks like my husband Paul.

My sons look like they are related, but some of my friends have 3 children who are identical to each other. Each of my sons look very different from the other. According to my friends, my older son Connor looks more like my side of the family and Griffin seems to be my husband's identical twin, just 35 years younger.

It is unbelieveable.

If it wasn't for the 1970s furniture in the background, would you be able to tell these two handsome guys apart?

I was blessed the day the man of my dreams became my husband, and to be the mother of his children has made my life more fulfilling and exciting than I could have ever anticipated.

I am really looking forward to watching Griffin grow and become his own man, even though he will always look just like his Daddy.

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  1. Perhaps the scariest part is that not only is Griffin a carbon copy of Paul, but that Paul is a carbon copy of our dad....some strong genes there!!!