Friday, February 5, 2010

Live c-section on the Today Show

Written by Kim

Congratulations to the Johnson Family on the birth of their handsome, sweet little baby boy Brody. In my mind, every birth is a miracle and a joyous occasion, regardless of how it happens.

However, this being said, the rate of cesarean births in our country (and around the world) needs to be addressed. Dr. Nancy Snyderman's attitude throughout the birth, making sure to state clearly throughout the procedure that 1. The "section" was not scheduled for the Today Show and 2. It was the right decision for them because Brody was 10 pounds made me angry.

Regardless of how irritated I felt Dr. Snyderman was, what was most striking to me were the tears of joy (or sadness) in Carrie's eyes. Now I can not at all comment on how Carrie was feeling after Brody was born, but she was only able to see her new baby boy for about 10 seconds after his birth. He wasn't even held close enough to the new Mommy so she could touch him or give him a kiss and while the baby was being cleaned by the nurses Carrie was left alone, barely even noticed. Actually, even Dr Snyderman noticed this and went over to Carrie to comfort her and congratulate her on the birth.

This reminded me of the doula clients I had who had a cesarean birth and how happy I was to be beside my client, continually telling her what was happening, congratulating her, stroking her hair, and making her feel loved and cared for (rather than left behind).

The story continues in Carrie and Josh's recovery room when Carrie's parents arrive to meet their new grandson for the first time. Brody had beeen prominantly propped up on Carrie's shoulder wearing his Today show gear, and when Josh goes to pick Brody up to show him off to his in-laws, Carrie reminds him that she can not pick him up to even hand little baby Brody over to Josh. WOW, that must be hard.

After my second son was born he was taken to the NICU to receive some oxygen and be watched closely, to be over-protective. I remember walking down to the NICU just a few hours after my birth. I can't even imagine how it must feel to not even be able to pick your baby up after your birth.

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