Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

It's hard to believe that it is already 2011. I was listening to a wonderful cd by John and Staci Eldridge about Mothering and one statement really stood out to me. "These days with small children are the longest days, but the shortest years." SO TRUE!!!! It is hard for me to realize that my oldest child is about to turn 10 (double digits!), and it really is amazing how fast those 10 years went by. There were many long days though, which is why that statement is so true. Now that I have 4 children and have many exhausting days, but also many wonderful fast and fun days, I am trying to keep that in my mind. Stay present, stay positive, recognize that these physically exhausting moments will not be here forever. Parenting is hard, but unbelievably worth it. If you are expecting or have other babies, make it your New Years Resolution to cherish the moment. Hold your babies a little bit longer, light up when they enter the room, tell them you love them and why you love them (especially when they aren't expecting it), and memorize these moments that will fly by before you know it (even the long days that take every bit of your energy to make it through). Cheers!

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