Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Product Review - Pregnancy Pillow

We just want to congratulate our good friends Anita and Nadia Jamshidi of Utterly Yours ( for having their Pregnancy Pillow featured in Pregnancy Magazine's 120 Best Products for Mom & Baby!

Are you a back sleeper, but you want to do what is recommended for your baby and no matter what you do every night you wake up on your back? Or maybe you just can't get comfortable and your tossing and turning is driving your partner mad! Then the Pregnancy Pillow is the answer for you.

While your body is demanding more sleep, but it is harder than ever to get comfortable, the pregnancy pillow is there for you! Many doctors recommend that pregnant Moms sleep on their left side since it helps to take pressure off the back and keeps the uterus off the large organ, the liver. The Pregnancy Pillow will help you find a comfortable position while supporting the back and belly! High density foam supports the back and keeps you from rolling onto your back while sleeping and memory foam in the front supports your belly.

This product is not only for you, because this product will help you get a better night sleep, your partner will too! The Pregnancy Pillow comes in three different sizes, you can choose from 6 beautiful Amy Butler fabrics and they range in price form $39.95 - $54.95! It is a pregnancy MUST!

Another fabulous Mom Invention! Way to go Anita and Nadia.........

Anita and Nadia are also the inventors of the fabulous Breast Pillow.

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