Sunday, January 11, 2009

Doula Wisdom Circle - January 13th

I have recently become obsessed with Twitter (my name is birthinbinsi if you would like to follow me) and have met several great new people with interesting ideas, quotes, support, and mini business consulting tips. You should check it out, it is pretty cool. Anyway, one of the Twitter gurus I have been following (and vice versa) is savvydoula. She has offered support as I was going through the births of my last two clients as well as advice on stalled labor and other questions I have had. It is amazing because my new Twitter friends seem to be immediately and almost constantly accessible, it is rather revolutionary I think. Well anyway, savvydoula is hosting a Wisdom Circle tomorrow and I just wanted to tell you about it just in case you would like to join in on the call.

"The Savvy Doula Community Wisdom Circle was created to bring together our community to connect and learn from one another. Held monthly over the phone, doulas are able to seek support, validation and gain new perspectives from the breadth of knowledge and experiences each brings to the call.

Facilitated by Darlene MacAuley, participants will have a safe space in which to share her story and offer and receive feedback from other doulas.

Each month, all participants need to bring to the call is a compassionate heart and an open mind. Participants will have the opportunity to share something that’s been going on with them. In response, those who share will receive acknowledgment and validation from others on the call. Those who share may also be offered new perspectives to the situation or may be asked to come up with their own new perspectives. There is no set agenda, but each participant will leave the call having received support, validation, new knowledge and inspiration."

The Savvy Doula Community Wisdom Circle will be held monthly on the second Tuesday of each month, from noon-1:15 pm Central Standard Time. For more information please check out her website or simply

I am going to check it out and see how it goes. I am definitely in the doula information seeking stage. As my passion for being a doula becomes more and more important in my life, the more knowledge I am trying to absorb. However I am so lucky to have so many wonderful friends you have been doulas for many years and have taken their time to answer my questions and help suport me throughout my client's birth process. Does life get any better than having a beautiful circle of friends?

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