Thursday, November 8, 2012

BINSI Partners With Brandbuddee to Reward You!

BINSI is excited to announce that we have partnered with to reward our most active BINSI social media fans with $35 free towards our website!

How does it work?

Brandbuddee is a social media discovery and content distribution platform that rewards you as a “buddee” to discover interesting stories from your favorite brands {like us!} and share it on social media. Have you ever wanted to be the first to know what we’re doing at BINSI? Have you ever wanted to be the one that got rewarded when you shared something you thought was cool on Facebook or Twitter? Have you ever wanted to be recognized and treated like royalty from the brands you love, including BINSI? Here is your opportunity!

Sign up at BrandBudde as a “buddee” for free and by sharing stories about the brands you love {including us!}, you can earn many different types of rewards. BINSI is a freatured brand on BrandBuddee, earn 50 points and you’ll earn $35 to use on our website, just like a free gift card! 

Right now, BrandBuddee is something that everybody is talking about, sign-up today to get in on the fun. Their commitment to the social media market is to ensure that you get exclusive content and rewards from brands you love.   And, they provide brands like us, an opportunity to have our story shared by the people that matter most to us, YOU!

So, tell your friends and get on board with Brandbuddee today. You never know what your favorite brands are up to unless you’re subscribed and you’ll never get the rewards or exclusive access Brandbuddee provides unless you’re on the list. :)

How to Redeem Your BrandBuddee Reward From BINSI.

Once you have signed up as a BrandBuddee user, there is a limit of one $35 reward per user. Once you earn 50 points as a Buddee, you'll receive an email directly from BrandBuddee with a unique redemption code that you can use online, on our BINSI website. Offer not valid for merchandisers who carry our brand. You can share on your social media networks as many times as you would like until you earn the reward, but they are given out on a first come, first serve basis. This prize is valued at approximately $35 and cannot be transferred or redeemed for a cash value. By reaching the minimum point value, you will receive the reward.  Brandbudde and BINSI have capped the rewards to 10 total Buddee’s that will receive the $35 gift, so hurry and earn yours today!

Please note: BrandBuddee is a new platform still in a “beta test”. This means there may be occasional “bugs” or user issues. Please report these issues directly to BrandBuddee. If you feel you have earned the “reward” and were not contacted you may contact our team at BINSI as well.

Also, if you have attempted to access Brandbudee and were alerted that their “beta test” is full, contact us and we’ll get you access to the BINSI reward. Email mailehager at for access.

Thank you and HAVE FUN!

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