Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Waterbirth Videos – ALL Your Questions Answered: Like: “How Does My Baby Breathe Under Water?”

Here’s a new waterbirth videos series answering all your questions about water birth.

You see, when I even entertained the idea of having a water birth, I was shot down by so many well meaning friends and family that I almost didn’t investigate it further. “Ooh, it’s not safe” one said … or more condescending comments like, “Sweetheart, that’s just for hippies, just do what the doctors tell you to do!”

Boy, am I glad I didn’t listen! … My experience of birthing my baby girl in the water was the MOST WONDERFUL & BLISSFUL time in my ENTIRE LIFE!

I guess the reason I didn’t listen to all the negativity was because when I asked all of my “Advisers” who among them had actually had a waterbirth – NONE of them had.

I began going to childbirth classes (NOT the hospital ones – I personally did Hypnobirthing, but there are lots of others to check out) and when I saw numerous waterbirth videos of women laboring so comfortably in pools, baths and spas I KNEW that was what I wanted.
Over the next few weeks I became a bit obsessive and started searching YouTube for all the waterbirth videos I could find! – Lucky for you, I have found all the best ones and put them on this website :)

However, this particular page is dedicated to waterbirth videos – QUESTIONS: See below for the most commonly asked questions about water birth and if you have any more then leave a comment below. Enjoy!

Waterbirth Video QUESTION 1 – Benefits Of Water Birth For Mother

To watch more videos that will answer more questions about water birth click here.

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