Monday, August 22, 2011

BOLD's 5th Anniversary Live Performance & Webcast of Birth, A Play by Karen Brody

We can hardly believe it ourselves, but BOLD is turning 5. Our little toddler is growing up and we want you to be at the BIRTHday party. There are just a few seats available to see the show live - and plenty of FREE seats for you to watch the performance from the comfort of your home via webcast.
"If you don't already know about her play, you should. Seeing the play and hearing the panel discussions that follow have been eye openers for thousands of women around the world."
~ Henci Goer, The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth

By attending on September 5, you'll get to see a performance of Karen Brody's acclaimed play Birth. It will be aired live via webcast and play live for free a second time in September.

Come to the live event at the brand new Museum of Motherhood.

After the show, you'll be there to watch as BOLD honors the BOLD5 -- The 5 people or organizations that have made creative contributions to improving childbirth choices for mothers in the last 5 years, including:

* Debra Pascali-Bonaro (Orgasmic Birth)
* Kirstin Kreutzer & Anna Van Wagoner (Where's My Midwife?)
* Abby Epstein & Ricki Lake (Business of Being Born & My Best Birth)
* Christy Turlington (No Woman, No Cry & Every Mother Counts)
* White Ribbon Alliance

At the event you will also:

* Be among the very first to see the new script performed live. In this version, there is a new birth and it's a VBAC!
* See Ina May Gaskin as we honor her with the 1st-ever BEing BOLD Lifetime Achievement award.
* Receive a limited edition, collectable, autographed program. (Only 100 are being printed.)
* Hear from the BOLD5 and playwright Karen Brody in our post-show talkback.
* Have a chance to contribute your thoughts about BOLD to the 5th Anniversary DVD that we'll be filming that night.
* Enjoy a slice of birthday cake and a round of Happy Birthday to BOLD, at an intimate post-event reception.
* Help create more mother-friendly maternity options because the proceeds from the show will go to help BOLD, Birth Focus, and the Museum of Motherhood.
* Sit right up front and rub knees with playwright Karen Brody, Ina May Gaskin, Debra Pascali-Bonaro - Orgasmic Birth, Abby Epstein - Business of Being Born, Desirre Andrews - ICAN President, Lisa Reagan - Pathways to Family Wellness Magazine, Elan McAllister - Choices in Childbirth, and other, to-be-named legends of the Birth World. *Available to "BOLD Patrons" only.
* And so much more! (There are some cool surprises firming up right now so we can't tell you about them yet, but we know this is a night people will be talking about for years to come!)

Can't make it to New York? Register for the webcast. Even if you can't be there, we want you to see this show. That's why we're broadcasting the performance live on September 5th and rebroadcasting at a future date which has yet to be determined. It's free, but if you choose to donate, any amount you contribute will be used to help keep BOLD productions happening for another 5 years and beyond.

When you register for the webcast you will:

* See the Internet debut of the play BIRTH and be among the very first to see the new script performed. In this version, there is a new birth and it's a VBAC!
* Watch for free or have the opportunity to enjoy the show even more by making a donation!
* Access the broadcast from wherever you are -- alone or have a BOLD Party. (Save us some cake!)
* See Ina May Gaskin as we honor her with the 1st-ever BEing BOLD Lifetime Achievement award.
* Hear from the BOLD5 and playwright Karen Brody in our post-show talkback.
* Be the first to find out about the date of the rebroadcast of the webcast.
* Get a coupon for the 5th anniversary DVD we are making. Get one for yourself or give it as a gift.
* And much more! (Register - even if you can't attend - so we can keep you in the loop about the rebroadcast time.)

We are webcasting the performance live around the world for free as a way of increasing awareness about mother-friendly maternity care issues. If that is important to you too, please help us tell everyone.

Finally a request: If you consider yourself a Friend of BOLD, we really want your help spreading the word about the free webcast.

Actually we want to let you in on a crazy secret, we love dreaming about the future when all women will have open access to an empowered birth experience and one of our dreams is to have every pregnant woman see this play.

What if as many people knew about Karen Brody's play BIRTH as they do about What to Expect, When You're Expecting?

How would the world be different?

These are the kinds of questions we find ourselves asking, and we won't find out without your help. Please email, tweet, post, and otherwise let people know about this event. (We're open to Carrier Pigeon or Sky Writing too if that's how you roll, let us know how we can help!)

Tell us your birth network will be watching and we'll be sure to mention you at the performance!

Send your friends, family, clients, partners, and random strangers to register for the webcast at

This event is being co-produced by BOLD and Birth Focus of New York City.

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