Friday, June 10, 2011

My Daughter's 2nd Birthday

A Note from Carri:

It's hard to believe that my daughter is 2. It has gone by quickly, and there is something really emotional about my last child turning 2. I feel both happy and sad that she is growing up. I'm happy that she is becoming more selfsufficient, but also sad that I will no longer have a baby to care for and snuggle with. There is also something about remembering my last birth that touches me deeply. I love giving birth. I don't like being pregnant, and the newborn phase is often a blur, but birth - that is where my heart is. I love that the last birth was my daughter, who will hopefully one day give birth herself. Her birth was absoultely perfect and I hope that she will have a similar experience. So today I am celebrating my daughter and her wonderful vibrant personality, remembering the wonderful way she came into the world, and am feeling incredibly greatful for the numerous ways I am blssed.

To read her birth story click here.


  1. Happy birthday, Emery! And happy birth day, Carri!

  2. So sweet! Happy belated birthday, E!!! And love to you, C! xoxo