Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why Invite a Doula?

Here is a great article from the Birthing From Within Website. If you haven't heard about Birthing From Within, please read their book and consider a class for your upcoming birth. Great information and wonderful approach that is empowering!

A doula is a woman who is experienced in childbirth, through becoming a mother herself and/or by attending many births. A doula can be trained and certified or may enter the profession via her life and birth experiences. Doulas provide emotional, practical, and physical support throughout labor and birth. Many doulas work with expectant parents during pregnancy and in the postpartum period as well.
Ideally, doulas provide support to both the laboring mother and her partner or family. Research shows that when the mother and father are “mothered” in labor and early postpartum, the parents experience a “halo” effect postpartum, i.e. they start off feeling more confident in their new parenting role.

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