Monday, March 8, 2010

'World News' Wants Your Stories About Difficult or Tragic Pregnancies

Found on the abc World News with Diane Sawyer website
Published March 4, 2010

The statistic is both sad and shocking -- women die after childbirth at a greater rate in the U.S. than in 33 other countries, and the danger for mothers appears to be worsening. A new study in California found that the number of women who die after childbirth in the state has tripled in the past decade, from 5.6 deaths per 100,000 to nearly 17 deaths per 100,000.

Why are a growing number of American moms dying shortly after giving birth? Experts say that the rise in maternal mortality could be tied to obesity, the increasing popularity of C-sections and other factors. More importantly, they say, most of these tragic deaths are preventable when doctors and hospitals take precautions.

We want to hear your thoughts and experiences related to this story.

Are you a doctor or nurse who has dealt with this issue before and have a story to share? Have you or your family been touched by tragic childbirth complications? Did you have a close call with your own pregnancy? If so go to the World News website and fill out their form with your experiences. The "World News" producer may contact you for a future story.

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